Don't just get fit, become a savage.
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Richard Lindsay PT​​
I am a Personal Trainer who enjoys anything and everything active. I run  ultramarathons and also enjoy lifting heavy weights, Brazilian Jiujitsu, climbing, yoga and American Football.

I work out of the wonderful facilities at Horfield Leisure Center, where as well as being a PT, I run a few classes and contribute to the excellent gym facilities. I am also an assistant head coach of the University of Bristol American Football team and I am also part of the team at Adaptive Martial arts where I run BJJ sessions.

I run a bunch of classes regularly, including #SavageSundays, Group Cycle, a running group as well as many small group sessions at Horfield.

Away from all these distractions, I am a family man who likes to spend my time with my wonderful wife Julie and my gorgeous kids, Lilly and Freddy. 

#TeamSavage Personal Training  
Regardless of what your goal is, I can help you achieve it and go beyond. Why settle for just achieving your goal, when you can become a savage at the same time.

I offer simple, monthly subscriptions to my Team that will take you beyond the boundries of just a weekly personal training session, but also to help introduce you to new and exciting activities, all whilst getting you where you want to go, physically.

​Each subscription includes full support where required through nutritional evaluation and guidance as well as workout plans for sessions away from the 1-2-1 sessions. These plans are not set and are updated as regularly as required. In addition, each tier of subscription has class benefits.
Tier 1 - £120 per month
One 1-2-1 session per week.
50% off any other #TeamSavage classes for you and a friend each class you attend.

Tier 2 - £210 per month
Two 1-2-1 sessions a week.
One free #TeamSavage class for you each week and 50% off for a friend each class you attend.

Tier 3 - £300 per month
Three 1-2-1 sessions a week.
Unlimited free #TeamSavage classes a week for you, 50% off for a friend each class you attend.

What's new?
Who needs a lie in on a Sunday? Certainly not a SAVAGE! Theses sessions are simple, a maximum of two people will come in and [attempt to] complete my programmed weekly workout under my supervision (because no one gets away with quarter-depth squats!).​

Each workout will be designed to push you deep within your mental capacity to keep working and leave you feeling exhausted and ready to take on the day (once you have had 10-15 minutes to collect yourself.)

Each session is £10pp and contact me to book your slot on 07393195342 or [email protected]

#TeamSavage subscribers, your benefits are applicable to this class.

This is Maeve...

Maeve just hit her goal for this year... Seven months early. She deadlifted 105kg at a bodyweight of 58kg, that is a lift at 1.81, which pops her in the advanced lifting category for her weight. That is fucking savage considering our working weight was just under 70kg at the turn of the year. 

Be like Maeve, be a SAVAGE.
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Stop making excuses and make that call today, savage-hood is waiting.
Richard Lindsay PT
Horfield Leisure Centre
Dorion Road
Telephone: 07393195342
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#TeamSavage Head Coach and all round fitness fanatic.